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These daily attentively factors about the using of the portable power bank

Nov 4, 2014-China-The first factor is related to the output voltage range of the href="">power bank factory. Some Shenzhen Yousan power bank has been equipped with USB interface and the device should also be sued for mobile power supply. In that case, people should pay attention to their device's input voltage range and the commonly range of output range should be 5.0 + to - 0.5 v. If the input voltage of people?��s electrical device is outside the scope of mobile power supply, so people suggest to not using mobile power supply equipment as the power supply for their devices. This could help to ensure the service life of your mobile power supply. - power bank supplier

Second, people should note the types of these USB connectors which should be matched enough. This is because all kinds of USB cables have their corresponding equipments. So, in order to achieve the normal using of mobile power supply equipment as power supply for people?��s phones please use the USB data interface which has enough matching.

Thirdly, the placing environments for the mobile power supply also have some limitations. All kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry environment where the air humidity is small. However, the high humidity environment should be the preservdation of all kinds of electrical appliances. So, for the life of your Shenzhen Yousan power bank, please try to put the mobile power in a dry environment.

Fourthly, people should often use their mobile power supply and the charging and discharging should be done in every month. The frequently using can maximum improves the service life of Power bank for iphone.

The fifth factor is about the dropping and shocking prevention. The mobile power supply is one kind of fragile device and its internal components can?��t afford to break. So, people should be especially to prevent accidentally fall to the ground in the process of using. Don?��t throw, knock or shake mobile power supply. Roughly action to mobile power supply will destroy the internal circuit board in it.

On the other hand, the obviously cold and heating should also be totally prevented. Don't put mobile power supply in high temperature place as the high temperature will shorten the service life of electronic devices and destroy the mobile power supply. Please also don't put the Shenzhen Yousan power bank and Shenzhen Yousan lg g3 battery in a cold place. When the mobile power has been putted in the work environment where is too cold, the internal temperature will rise and the mobile power can form the moisture inside.

The last factor should be the prevention to the strong chemicals substance. Don?��t use strong chemicals, detergent or strong detergents to clean the mobile power supply. The best choice for the removal of mobile power appearance stains should be the small amount of anhydrous alcohol and the cotton swab.

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